How Cardinal Gerontology's professional support makes a difference...

"Visits bring me joy. I feel like I have a sensible and helpful friend, not just a caregiver. It also makes me feel better that I don't have to rely on my family for everything."  - N.S. 90 years young


"A true talent for working with the elderly, we all felt that Trina had given Dora the gift of helping her through the dying process."  - Renee Gold, MA, Therapist


"My mother incurred a broken shoulder while living by herself in her home of 55 years. I was caught in the dilemma of finding a safe place for mom, while attending to her wishes to 'never leave her own home'. Katherine (Trina) led the family team in the transition process by reviewing every available option that we presented. To be honest I was scared at first; uncertain about making the choice to do what was best. However, her knowledge of the industry and unique listening ability clearly assisted our family. More important, she understands the fears that the elderly encounter when they approach the conclusion that it is time to seek daily living help. She coordinated meetings, planned the move to the facility, worked with physicians and held my mother's hand every step of the way. She continues to work directly with the assisted living nursing staff and attendants, and supplements their care with my mother from clothes shopping to simply going with her to the nail salon. My mother continues to refer to Trina as a great friend. Thanks to her knowledge and support, I feel that my family made a confident decision that will help my mother live a better, quality life. I highly recommend her and am happy to share further about her unique value and deep commitment to excellence. Her kindness, emotional support and organizational leadership was the key to helping my mother transition from her independent home into an assisted living environment."       - Ken S., Client's Son


Human Connection is essential to living a fulfilling and happy life.

There are over 34.2 million Americans currently caring for an aging loved one, relative, or friend.  

Caring for a family member can be stressful, time consuming and may feel overwhelming, often interfering with work and family obligations. Significant caregiver burden may lead to depression, anxiety and sleepless nights. Feel alone and need help? Tap into customized caregiver solutions.

Aging loved ones, and people with disabilities, experience their own frustrations and often prefer to maintain independence by not relying solely on relatives. Meaningful and structured activities, regularly on the calendar, contribute to emotional wellness, bring joy to loved ones and give family and friends peace of mind.

A customized plan in 3 steps:

1. Contact Cardinal Gerontology

2. Meet-&-Greet (family members and/or client)

3. Implement a Customized Caregiver Solution

Loved ones can experience hobbies they once enjoyed, find a new sense of independence, and have a sounding board for complications and stress that comes with aging and/or disability. Dedicated to compassionately understanding exactly what makes your family and loved one tick, the aim of Cardinal Gerontology is to foster connection, freedom, emotional wellness, and re-establish life balance for family members.

Experience peace of mind.

Connection & support around the following:

Senior Center Activities, Podiatry, Doctor Visits

Tablet technology, FaceTime & Skype to Connect with Friends & Family

Explore Family History/Ancestry/ DNA

Remember the Music Program to Reminisce & Improve Memory

Tell your Life Story/Written or Video Recorded

Guided Meditation to Music

Resume Healthy Habits/Boost Immune System

Expedite Shopping & Errands

Post Surgery Assistance

Postpartum Errands & Support for New Moms & the Sandwich Generation caring for young & old

Don't see what you need here for your loved ones, please ask... we help find what you need.

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For complex care requiring medical and/or personal care, resources from a broad range of local organizations & services are reviewed so that difficult decisions can be made with increased clarity and ease. Appointments with life-care communities can be arranged. Learn the difference between Assisted Living/Memory Care and Continuing Care Retirement Communities. (C.C.R.C.'s).  Have a question about aging and disability services? Answers to all of your questions are given or a listing of other agencies and contacts who can help is provided. 


FaceTime / Skype / Snapchat Loved Ones with our help OR Receive Phone Check-Ins from Cardinal Gerontology


Schedule a Connection Time


Cardinal Gerontology 4 minute video produced by Kate Cardinal; narrated by Julie Porter- see on YOUTUBE

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Studio 44's owner Aubrey Pereira helps future pet therapy dog Henry get used to the noises and distractions in a typical salon.

Studio 44's owner Aubrey Pereira helps future pet therapy dog Henry get used to the noises and distractions in a typical salon.